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21 November 2009

Whiff of Seduction

Since afternoon I’ve caught myself a few times gazing at Gayetri, the petite salesgirl at the perfume counter. I think I’m really attracted to those juicy pouts of her, right below her chiseled nose that effortlessly sniffs one fragrance after the other, letting her describe each aroma with colourful adjectives. When she keeps her long curly hair open, like she has them today, she looks like the charming empress of her own magical fantasy world of nasal pleasures. Hope that stout son doesn’t ask her to tie them up today. I’ve caught her a couple of times staring at me too…maybe she knows I’m interested..maybe she’s interested too!

Gayetri possesses a special talent in gift wrapping, and often comes handy in the store. Her nimble fingers can magically transform any boring perfume box into a painstakingly picked enticing gift of a lover. I don’t think any of the other girls could match the finesse she has in wrapping up those boxes… I don’t think I could match it! I wanted to tell her so much.. so badly… that if she was good at wrapping up gifts… I had a hidden talent too… I am good at unwrapping things.

P.S: When eyes meet and sparks fly, imaginations can go for a wild run. (I’m still trying to tame mine)


Meghana Naidu said...

i think that one could be no-show-pick-up-line #2. im good at unwrapping things.

Shamanth Huddar said...

seriously ROFL @ unwrapping things!!

and lovely description of her curls!

do punch that sun of a gun, one for me too, if he ever asks her to tie em up!

The Salesman said...

Meghana, I guess I still suck at innovative pick-up lines!.. I'm quite happy eye-flirting right now though.
Shamanth, words are not enough my friend to describe her curls!

Orchid said...

You have an intriguing writing skills for a salesman i presume!!!Love your descriptions and eye for detail.cheers!!!

GauravJain said...

well u made that 'petite' girl a rock star by dedicating a whole fu**ing blog to her. she must be something, and 3 sheers for your passionate precision of observation !!

Mayank said...

I love your style - writing ofcourse. You must be hell of a salesman if you are half as good in selling as you are in narrating. Loved this post. Hope to explore on return.

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