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27 June 2009

The Lone Dummy

Amidst the smothering emptiness and quietness at store, I think to myself whether the slowdown in my life is related to the ongoing economic slowdown that has gripped the world. The store is so much calmer these days, and my tubby store manager is equally stressed seeing the receding number of footfalls at the store. I stand right next to the summer collection of formal blazers, not one has left the store yet, I guess there haven’t been many interviews lately.

The changing rooms are all vacant and the clothes are all neatly folded on the shelves, yet I’m not too happy. While the financial crisis keeps the shoppers at home, the sun keeps the window shoppers away from the store, and the cash registers have been starving for months now.

In the thick of all the bad news, I’ve got at least one reason to be happy. I’ve found a new friend at the store these days, and we both share an eternal passion for fashion. The only worry is that I do all the talking as she’s more of a listener. Today she was dressed in a A-line purple evening dress by Manish Malhotra. She looked stunning! .. Even without a head.